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Growing, Funding or Selling Your Business IS Easier Than You Think

Growth through SALES

Do you find yourself struggling to reach your sales targets? Are your customers being stolen by your competitors? Do you have excellent products and high quality service yet your market is reluctant to buy from you? For more than 20 years we have created proven methods implemented by means of a project plan consisting of over 300 tasks. We work side-by-side with you where these tasks are completed over 12 to 24 months. Sales and Marketing is divided into 7 Quantum Keys where we apply our 42 Business Principles and 444 tactics. The result is at least triple your sales in 12 to 18 months. Plus we apply Quick Cash Strategies to generate a return within 3 months of working with you. This is our Business Development Consulting Service focussed on Sales, Marketing, Strategy, PR, Advertising, Training where we apply a team of specialists in areas across the full spectrum required to grow your sales revenues. (26 Marketing Mistakes... Read More )

Plans and Funding

Planning and the implementation of plans that are practical and that serve 2 purposes - firstly, getting financed and secondly plans provide direction like a compass and a measuring tool. Follow through of the plan/s is essential for growth and development.   We create Business Plans, Strategic Plans and Marketing Plans FUNDING - do you need to expand and develop your existing business or buy a going concern? We can assist with getting you ready for the application, doing the application and provide introductions to quality financiers. We assist with Funding Plans and a Funding Synopsis that are requirements from Funders, Hedge Funds, Angel Investors and Venture Capital investors. We provide you with presentation and interview preparation as well as coach you though the process. Funders look at you as the entrepreneur as well as your plan. Give yourself the best chance of success!

Selling your Business, M&A

SELLING your BUSINESS - are you ready to sell and exit your current business? We assist you to reach the best price possible as well as making your business substantially attractive to local and international buyers. Our service here is getting your business "saleable" and/or finding a list of target buyers while guiding you through the negotiations to a successful close. Selling your business to a quality buyer for a great price takes on average 6 to 18 months depending on various factors. We help you every step of the way. Growth through MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS also known as M&A - buying an existing business is a great way to start in business or grow your existing venture. We assist you with finding the appropriate quality target businesses, doing the due diligence, structuring the transaction and assist you after the deal is done to extract most value and ROI.

Autopilot your business

Systemising your business to go onto AUTOPILOT - the goal of most entrepreneurs is to develop their businesses into an entity that can generate profit without their day-to-day involvement in the "trenches". After all, if the business relies on you as an owner or major shareholder then you are merely self-employed. Systemising entails formalising your business workflows and processes, as well as capturing the Intellectual Property you have developed through hard work, trial and error and perseverance. We will assist you with formally documenting your business and advise you on Best Practice techniques. Our goal here is to lock down your competitive advantage, bring sustainability, stabilise your revenue and staff and many other benefits. In addition, we can implement accounting, production, CRM and business management software for this purpose.

Select the Options That Best Suit the Life-Cycle Needs of Your Business

What we do:

  • Growth through SALES - Business Development Consulting (Sales, Marketing, Strategy, PR)
  • Growth through MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS also known as M&A
  • FUNDING - expand and develop your existing business or buy a going concern
  • Systemising your business to go onto AUTOPILOT
  • Planning and the implementation of plans - Business Plans, Strategic Plans and Marketing Plans

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