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We are in the business of growing your business.

Quantum Business Development was created in 2001. We are a business growth consulting company that offers a business development, sales and marketing strategic consultancy to your business.

Quantum Business Development (QBD) is made up of a team of qualified and experienced people whom combined have of over twenty years’ experience in business consulting. Our highly skilled and professional teamoffers a tiered consultancy approach that will advise you on strategies and processes that will be advantageous to the growth of your business. Our knowledge and experience gives you a wealth of opportunities that you can benefit from to put your business ahead of the game.

Our main aim is to increase your businesses profits while decreasing your expenses.

QBD’s services also include a communication strategy to reach the widest possible audience, do market research and give extensive insight into how business in South Africa works.Over the years we’ve advised companies on their expansion strategy from board level, developed methodologies to implement the next growth phase and then provide companies with the tools and insights they need to successfully carry out the expansion.

QBD started as a marketing consultancy but rapidly expanded to offer marketing and business development to mid-sized firms that prefer to outsource this function. We work closely with company executives to develop and implement a growth strategy over a period of at least one year to allow for a full change-management process to be executed.

This offers a range of consulting services that encompasses each aspect of a company’s development.

We offer a full marketing strategy with enablement tools, comprising of 444 strategies that can be adapted to fit any business in any industry vertical. We also provide 42 business principles across the Seven Quantum Keysthat enable companies to generate leads, convert to them tosales, gain referrals and secure life time relationships with customers.

However, QBD’s expertise ranges beyond simply generating new sales, the company also examines clients’ back office systems, which often lack and cannot cope with an increase in sales. As a result, the company offers full management consulting and can provide more than 100 business-related training courses to ensure that companies are ready to move to the next level of their business development.

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