For every business that is getting started today, irrespective of whether it is large, medium or a homely small business, well-organized records of the business financials must be kept. The poor maintenance of the cash-flow system of a business can lead it to a shambolic state and ultimately cause a great amount of loss. But manual accounting systems used earlier were too tedious and erroneous too. So, today most of the organization, both government, and non-government, are eager to use some Accounting software to minimize the wastage of resources and reach the desired level of success. Q&A ERP Ltd is a South African company that serves its customers with all necessary software equipment to run their business successfully.

Accounting software can be described as a powerful tool or application software used to keep track of all of the transactions made by a particular company. This accounting information system can be developed by the company itself or can be bought from a third party service provider. Accounting software can meet all of the customer demands from single and simple-interfaced program to a more sophisticated one to run large business procedures.

There are too many options of accounting software in the online and offline market, but it is better to choose the one which is reliable enough. Pastel software is one of the most popular accounting software for business purpose today. Pastel Accounting is a software developed to provide a complete and ready-to-go business environment with quick and reliable accounting solutions. The software can perform various tasks on its own:

  • Serves as an integrated accounting system
  • Maintaining supplier information and perform necessary updates
  • Creating tasks, prioritizing them and helping the users to follow up the priorities
  • Keeping Records of purchase log
  • Track all necessary transactions
  • It can also create budgets for consumers at the consumer
  • Verifying and validating bank details

Q&A is completely engrossed in providing their customers with an accounting software that meets the clients’ ultimate needs. The modules included in this software can be listed as follows:

  • Accounting system
  • Fixed assets solution
  • Procurement solutions
  • Keeping records of all the expenses and bill of materials
  • Customer relationship management
  • In-built Business Intelligence
  • Quick reporting of issues and necessary suggestions to fix the issues
  • Details of all the projects currently handled by the company and necessary costs for all of them
  • Job costing

Even if the accounting software is somehow difficult to be handled by the non-accountants but if workers are properly trained to handle them, they can do wonders. But the choosing of the right software according to the size and needs of a business is very important.

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