Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing controls your production processes and brings all the aspects of your operating environment together, providing an holistic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers. From material requirement planning to production scheduling, this comprehensive set of tools will help to plan, record, track and control your daily output.

Sage Evolution has standard Manufacturing and BOM software as add-on modules. However,  when the needs of a manufacturing business are complex then Advanced Manufacturing has many additional functions that are expertly developed.

Advanced Job Costing

Advanced Job Costing is a comprehensive job costing solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution ERP to provide accurate and consistent quotation and job management. It helps you prepare quotations for customers and prospects while effectively and efficiently managing your available resources, sub contractors, inventory and purchasing processes.

Real time integration with your ERP system offers: estimated versus actual costs of each job; different invoicing models; profitability by job ; and multiple projects or tasks per quote or job. Also available as a stand alone product, Advanced Job Costing will help to maximise your business’s productivity and put you well on the road to realising your full revenue potential.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Granite Warehouse Management System (WMS) recognises the requirement for a simple barcode based warehouse management system that integrates seamlessly with Sage Evolution and Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) and expands on and exposes warehouse operations and processes of the ERP. The WMS helps companies manage their warehouses  through a lean barcode driven warehouse execution and management system.

The WMS system is developed by a team that specialized in barcode systems. It has scanning processes at its core, ensuring that each user interaction is simple, efficient and embraces scanning before typing.

Mobile Sales Apps

Sage Evolution Mobile Sales takes your sales force to your customers by providing an app for their mobile phones and tablets that is fully integrated with your existing ERP solution. These apps offer online/offline modes, allowing them to continue operating when users are beyond 3G\WiFi range and maintaining automated, seamless integration with Sage Evolution ERP.

Sage Evolution Mobile Apps also provides a range of customisable dashboards for viewing real time information on customers, inventory, expenses and other key business information. An ability to check stock levels and prices allows users to create on-the-spot quotes, place orders, negotiate and close deals in one meeting and take customer signatures on the tablet.

Sage CRM

Sage Evolution CRM Premium can be purchased as a stand-alone product without requiring the purchase and implementation of the core Sage Evolution ERP system. The premium product also includes Sales Force Automation, Calendar, Knowledge Base, Workflow processing, Incident Graphs, Escalations and Contract Invoicing.

This offers an on-premise CRM system featuring all the functionality of our cloud-based CRM solutions in addition to advanced customisation, Sage ERP integration and email marketing. Sage Evolution CRM Premium now also features Microsoft Outlook Integration, making it a seamless extension of the common business email and contact management platform.

Sage Intelligence Reporting

Revolutionise the way you make business decisions with flexible reports.  A 20% improvement in data intelligence can increase your revenue year-on-year. This means that making real-time data easily accessible to relevant people, whenever they need it, can increase your company’s revenue. Sage Intelligence Reporting is a Microsoft® Excel®-based Business Intelligence (BI) tool that makes customising and distributing reports a breeze, ultimately allowing you to design reports that are relevant to your business’s unique requirements and improving collaboration across teams. It is available as an add-on module for Sage Evolution.

Automation, Forms, GPS tracking

Many of the features with Sage Evolution can be enhanced and simplified with the many existing tools and software developments. We have automated intercompany invoicing, Forms capture into CRM and tracking vehicles, assets and staff.

Fixed Assets

Company Law in many countries requires businesses to keep a register of their fixed assets as part of their accounting records but this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This involves tracking asset values, depreciating assets correctly, updating replacement values, recording sale, disposal or loss of assets and maintaining a Fixed Assets Register. The Sage Evolution Fixed Assets module automates all of these processes and, once the initial information is entered into the system, it takes over and manages your assets for you. The module calculates values dynamically from the start of each asset’s life as is available as a stand-alone software package or tightly integrated with the Sage Evolution ERP platform.

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