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Are You Ready For The African Expansion Challenge? 

Africa is the final frontier, the continent onto which companies can still expand, and expect to make decent margins. The continent is home to six of the globe’s ten fastest growing economies, and gross domestic product gains will outstrip growth in most developed markets for several years to come.


However, moving into Africa can be a nightmare for the unprepared and ill-informed. Cultural, legal, language and trade differences can turn a good business idea into a failure. Companies looking to tap into Africa’s growth potential also need to take logistical, distribution, import, warehouse and other cross-border challenges into account.
Quantum Business Africa takes the challenge out of growing into Africa. With a comprehensive consulting service, QBA can help your company move your expansion plans from a boardroom idea through to a complete strategy equipped with the necessary tools to grow your business on the continent successfully. It offers a business development, sales and marketing strategic consultancy with a specific focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
The consultancy’s expertise enables it to assist companies in growing their sales, improving their profitability, developing new business opportunities and evolving a coherent expansion strategy. It offers turn-key communication solutions, a platform for exposure to new target markets, tools to generate leads, sales, referrals and a way to hold onto customers for life;    In essence, a complete marketing strategy.
Quantum Business Africa also provides back office optimisation services to ensure that systems are able to handle an increased complexity of cross-border operations as well as the inevitable increase in sales. Management consulting services are also available along with and more than 100 business-related training courses to help staff at all levels deal successfully with business expansion. Furthermore, QBA’s consultancy services leverage the organisations network of over 1 000 partner companies across all of Africa’s industries and its access to key decision-makers in the private, public and non-profit sectors throughout the continent.
Quantum Business Africa has a three-tier offering:
•    Advisory: A basic expansion plan that has been developed based on a review of the business and market intelligence.
•    Full consulting: Quantum Business Africa is directly involved in its client’s expansion and provides services such as sales procedures, accounting, brochures and training. This is a more hands’ on involvement than advisory.
•    Communications package: A 12 month advertising contract with African Trader at a special consultancy rate which is combined with a brochure, press release and acts as a kick start for expansion.
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