Be Aware – Media Types & Advertising Agency Deceit and Lies

I have met many “advertising” and “media” types in my 21+ year career. They all say “keep it short and to the point”.
However, I have sold many things in my time and I have tried and experimented on everything I could find.
I even created new methods that did not exist yet.
The factual question to ask is “DOES IT WORK?” All you and I should focus on is that we test and measure and find what works. Simple.
You and I both know that we need to provide sufficient information to prospects BEFORE they buy.
Too much information talks you OUT of a sale but too little information makes your prospect doubt you OR you lose their interest.
The sales offer (whatever form it takes) must answer the questions in FULL that the prospect has in his/her mind.
We are trying to persuade them in writing to take the next step. We need to do what it takes to push them to take action.
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