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The international outsourcing marketing company, Quantum Business Development is officially the most cost effective business consultancy in the global market. The company has pitched itself as a low cost alternative as opposed to a full time business development manager.

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Johannesburg based Quantum Business Development is now offering businesses one solid reason to take them on as consultants. The company outlines their affordable services as the best reason why businesses must do business with them. The company’s expert consultants will guide client businesses to success with more accountability and less cost than a business development manager or other consultancies.

A senior executive of the company explained how they add value to client’s business, “Being a Low-cost alternative to you because you could employ a high quality Business Development Manager/Specialist on a full time salary which can cost you anything between ZAR600 000 (Eur60,000) and ZAR2 million (Eur200,000) per year, with no guaranteed returns and yet another employee on your payroll and all the issues that go with that. Other consulting companies could cost between ZAR7000 (Eur700) and ZAR20 000 (Eur2,000) per day with no guarantees and no on-going support.”

The company is of the view that when their clients get an “outsider view” of their businesses, new and effective ideas are generated, leading to faster growth. Also, when using the Quantum Toolbox of proven marketing strategies (or even a single marketing strategy), any size enterprise will benefit. In a matter of 12 to 18 months, businesses have registered double or triple hike in profits by using the Toolbox marketing ideas.

Quantum Business Development is very serious about the effectiveness of their ideas as well as their accountability to their clients. A senior executive of the company commented, “We will be there to test and measure all marketing and business activities to determine what works and what doesn’t. To determine which activities are draining your business of cash flow and providing you with alternate proven strategies to channel your energy into highly rewarding activities especially those that lead to profits and capital growth.”

Quantum Business Development has assured that while costing lower that other business development alternatives, they will provide more committed services. Their consultants will also impart training to the clients’ personnel so that the skills and expertise regarding business marketing strategies ( stay within the business. The initial response to the company’s low cost claim has been quite encouraging.

 About Quantum Business Development:

Quantum Business Development is an outsourcing marketing specialist firm that undertakes sales and marketing ( of its clients’ products and services. The company runs on their “7 keys to better sales and marketing”.

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