Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business management software of combining many applications a business requires to assemble, store, manage and interpret data from various businesses, including:

  • Product planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & sales
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping & payment

There is a thriving market for ERP with many brands offering different applications. By converging these functions in one operating environment, Sage Evolution ERP makes a brilliant effort to lend an edge to SMES in terms of controlling their finance, customer relationships and employee monitoring. Developed within the Sage Evolution framework, the solution integrates all components and modules seamlessly.

There is a shared common interface and consistent user experience that is driven by Microsoft’s SQL server database to ensure data integrity and in making a centralized database.

Among the offerings, Sage evolution software is a core product that is feature-rich, with add-on modules in making it a revolutionary ERP software solution. Sage Evolution Accounting and modules within the Sage Evolution range provides a number of important benefits including updates and online support. It gives the user great peace of mind as the backup service, support and expertise are available on a jiffy.

The tremendous data store up capacity for 3 years on flat without any month or yearend procedures is a huge plus. The subsidiary ledgers such as Inventory, Receivables, and Payables will help in making unlimited storage of information.

Business Friendly

Among the cost-effective ERP solutions, Sage ERP South Africa is already ahead of other competitors. This is because it is the favourite of growing businesses who have outgrown entry level applications.

Powered with a powerful accounting engine of MS SQL and .NET technology, it offers greater flexibility in managing the core financials. For small businesses operational tasks and smooth workflow management are most important. Equally helpful is its ability to control finances and relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

The drill down functionality makes easy finding for ant bit of data. Pastel Evolution is also the lucrative Inventory module for SMEs to have unlimited control over their stocks.

Data Security

In terms of data security Sage Pastel Evolution offers great comfort with its features of Confidential accounting data and controlled access to information. There is facility to provides multi-level, menu-driven passwords and securities if a team is working on a project. There is enhanced data integrity and protection ensuring that no user leaves incomplete entries or corrupt files.