As Dew Crisp grew from a local farming operation to the supplier of pre-prepared fresh produce to big brands like KFC, McDonalds and Pick ‘n Pay, it realised it would need to put in place a robust accounting and stock management solution. The company rolled out Sage Evolution, with the goals of achieving a better understanding of key business processes, enhancing processing and reporting, and streamlining inventory management.

Dew Crisp grows, processes and distributes all of its own products. Stock control has to be perfect to ensure excellent customer service as well as profitability. “We needed a system that could integrate our accounting and manufacturing processes,” says Kai Esterhuizen, Financial Manager at Dew Crisp.

“While there are many software programs out there that could provide the integration, Sage Evolution was the only one that provided the flexibility to meet our requirements around stock costing. And it came at the best price.”
While Dew Crisp’s customers pay a standard rate for produce, variable stock availability and pricing can impact on the business’s bottom line. Most ERP systems only allow for standard base costing but Sage Evolution’s costing module enables the number crunchers to manage the variance between standard and actual costs.

“Sage Evolution has worked miracles for our month end,” says Esterhuizen. “We’re more streamlined and what used to take up to seven days can now be done in less than two.” Sage Evolution has revolutionised more than just the management accounting at Dew Crisp. Entire management processes have been changed to fit the process flow of the program.

“I know that Sage Evolution can be customised to closely match our processes, but we think that the program does it better, so we have changed the way we do things here. The package is more disciplined, and now, we are too,” says Esterhuizen.

A Sage Pastel team completed the implementation in just two months. With 30 people across admin, process and distribution all working on the system, Dew Crisp management is now able to track, monitor and report on its entire business chain in real-time. “And the best thing about Sage Evolution,” says Esterhuizen, “is that because it is Sage Pastel based, we can roll it out at group company level which currently operates on Sage Pastel.”