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5 Marketing Principles With 8 Do It Yourself Action Steps”
Here’s A Simple Step By Step Sales And Marketing “DO IT YOURSELF” (DIY) System That Anyone Can Apply To Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience, No Matter What Product Or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce The Competition Is…

We have combined techniques and tools that have worked for literally hundreds of businesses in dozens and dozens of different markets. From this knowledge and experience we’ve developed a set of proven strategies that can be universally applied to any type of business.

We’ve spent a great deal of time crystallising our methods to create the” Quantum Do It Yourself Guide”. This Guide consolidates the most important and powerful marketing principles and action steps you can use immediately to bring about the increase in sales you have been looking for.

We believe that this Do It Yourself approach suits those individuals who need quick results but don’t have the time to study a university degree or college course in marketing or who have had many attempts through “trial and error” at increasing sales but find it too expensive or stressful.

The Do It Yourself Guide is so effective because it successfully and effortlessly combines 5 Marketing Principles and 8 Action Steps into one simple and easy to use system.

The DIY Guide takes you literally by the hand through each item, showing you what must be done to get maximum results. Complete with live examples, and fill-in-the-blank templates we’ve made it as simple as baking a cake. As long as you can follow a simple set of instructions you will succeed in making a significant difference to your sales… (Click to download)

So Much To Gain…

You can’t get the Quantum DIY Guide anywhere else! We’ve developed it for you. We’ve developed it for people like you who want more from their businesses. We’ve developed it for those who want more from their lives … and more from their efforts. And it’s unique – very unique.

Here are a few “highlights” of The Quantum DIY Guide. See what you think about these:

  • 5 business growth principles, each capable of catapulting your sales and profits to levels you can’t even imagine.
  • 8 proven “Action Steps” with actual tools and templates to implement immediately
  • You will learn about getting more leads, boosting conversion rates, increasing customer transaction values, increasing the frequency of purchase, increasing the number of referrals, improving gross profit margin, for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.
  • A list of 120 marketing power tools to be used as an “idea jogger” while you are building your customised action steps
  • Our Quantum proprietary “Profitability Growth Worksheet” never released before to anyone other than our full consulting clients
  • The “Quantum Business Growth Calculator” that shows mathematically the massive increase in sales and profits that  just a 10% increase in certain areas will bring you
  • You get to do a Marketing Audit and then use the information gathered in a planning tool called “Growing Our Company” which helps clarify the resources, actions and to be done and by when
  • A Customer Database Information Sheet that will guide you to build the required fields to fully leverage the database of all your customers, prospects and former customers
  • And much, much more!

No Experience Required

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you have a formidable competitor right next door or across the street. Or a “price slasher” on your doorstep. None of that matters. The Quantum DIY Guide will reveal how you can quickly, easily and consistently grow your business with massive increases in profits.

You don’t need any sales and marketing expertise. None. You just need to take action. Before you know it people will be thinking you’re a sales and marketing genius – and you will be, you just never thought it would be so easy!


As a reward to you for taking this very important step to purchase the DIY Guide for just R375 we have included TWO FREE Bonuses worth a total of R795:

  • BONUS 1:  FREE report called “Does Price Cutting Really Work?” which includes never released before calculation tools which show the impact of Sales Price Cutting and Sales Price Increases. You will easily be able to determine what’s best when setting your sales prices. (Value R295)
  • BONUS 2: FREE Voucher for R500 off our Marketing Bootcamp fee, which you can redeem immediately should you want further assistance in this intense marketing workshop. (Value R500)


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Act now! Download your Quantum Do It Yourself Guide and grow your sales and profits quickly using these proven marketing principles and action steps of the 02 Free Bonus.

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