For sustained business growth having a holistic view of the whole business in real time is essential. Nothing else can give it except ERP Software systems, which are deployed for taking a business beyond the traditional realms of accounting systems.

ERP helps to bring all aspects of the operating environment together. Among the ERP vendors, the Sage Evolution as an ERP system is offering commendable control on the financial and production front besides harmonising the relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


Sage Pastel’s accounting software has got a special place among SME businesses whose business vouch that the ERP tool is helping them to streamline their accounting and management processes.

From the Pastel Evolution Gauteng enthusiast to the Durban sophisticate, the comprehensive range of features and functionality of Sage Evolution ERP software system package backed by a number of add-on modules, providing scalable, flexible, and robust financial management is helping to grow business.

Since the growth of small business demands the ability to add new functionality to current accounting systems, using specialised ERP software modules can cater to industry-specific requirements.

Again Pastel Evolution comes handy to command a whole view of a business, the solution is, Sage Pastel Evolution. It brings together all aspects of the operating environment together.

The components within the Sage Evolution utilise a MS-SQL database, which ensure all business data resides in a central database.

Pastel Evolution Accounting business model provides a number of important benefits including: updates and upgrades, first line telephonic and e-mail support.

Dynamic Market

The ERP market is quite dynamic and fast changing; here the key to success is awareness about the major disruptive trends and adapting to it accordingly. Disruptive technologies, such as cloud, mobile and connected services are helping businesses go one step ahead of the competition. A positive change is that small and medium size businesses are seeking branded business solutions. This cals for a total reimagining of the ERP product with focus on mobility, cloud and a modern user interface for improved customer experience.

Many business partners and Industry Solution Vendors are working together to deliver disruptive solutions.  Sage Group provides in its ERP platter offers greater customer satisfaction ad user benefits. Its business software, services and support to small and medium sized businesses cover accounting, ERP, Payroll and HR, Business Intelligence, customer relationship management and retail software which are indispensable solutions to small, medium and larger sized companies.