Q&A Disclaimer

Quotations Disclaimer

All quotations prepared by Q&A ERP (Pty) Ltd are done so in anticipation of how long or complex a project or task is expected to be. Figures are based on best guess information available at the time that the request for a quotation was received and should be seen as an estimate of what the scoping, documentation and implementation of an ERP system will cost or the brief given by the client. Because the scoping process for projects involves explaining the capabilities of the software, a customer’s requirements can and do change, thereby rendering the quotation inaccurate. It is for this reason that Q&A ERP’s final invoice could well be significantly different to the initial quoted amount.

Email Disclaimer

This email is WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The information transmitted in this e-mail is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Should you have received this e-mail in error please notify the sender and delete all copies of the e-mail. NO liability or responsibility whatsoever is accepted in case of data corruption and/or in case of not reaching the intended recipient . Unauthorised use, disclosure or copying of any part of this e-mail, or any similar action, is prohibited.
No opinion expressed or implied by the sender necessarily constitutes the opinion of Q&A (Pty) Ltd [hereinafter “Q&A”]. This e-mail does not constitute a guarantee or proof of the facts mentioned herein. No employee or intermediary is authorised to conclude a binding agreement on behalf of Q&A by e-mail without the express written confirmation by a duly authorised representative of Q&A. Q&A does not warrant that this message is free of damaging codes, viruses, errors if interference of any nature and Q&A accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, costs or expenses incurred by the addressee or any other person, entity or individual in this regard. This Disclaimer can be amended at Q&A’s sole discretion from time to time. Full details of the General Disclaimer can be viewed on our Website http://erpsolutions.co.za/email-and-electronic-communication-disclaimer which by this reference thereto are incorporated into this e-mail. Q&A and/or Q&A’s Business Units, Divisions and Subsidiaries reserves all rights in the contents of this e-mail.

Projects and Documentation Disclaimer

This document provides an overview of the anticipated project. However, it sometimes emerges later in the project process that additional functionality is required to that outlined herein. Such functionality remains out of scope and the client is liable for any costs associated with addressing those requirements. Such costs will be levied at the standard service rates contained in the current rate card of Q&A ERP Solutions.

Q&A ERP Solutions is a Super Platinum accredited Business Partner of Sage Pastel South Africa, itself is a subsidiary of the Sage Group plc. Sage, by which we mean both Sage Pastel and the Sage Group, is the company that develops the Sage Evolution ERP software that was purchased by the Customer, where Sage itself does not deploy solutions and implement software for its Customers.

Q&A is employed directly by the Customer of Sage, and not by Sage itself, for the express purpose of implementing and supporting the Sage Evolution software. Any bugs and defects in the software are dealt with legally within the Sage Software Agreement, which is an agreement between the Customer and Sage. Such defects are not the responsibility of Q&A ERP Solutions. However, Q&A ERP Solutions, as the service provider, will assist the Customer to address bugs and defects within Sage Evolution at the standard service rates contained in the current rate card of Q&A ERP Solutions.