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By calling us, we will demonstrate to you the power of having an “outsiders view” to help you make more profit and reduce cost dramatically and we can arrange the finance you require to boost growth or develop a project from scratch.

We have a range of services that we’ll discuss when you decide to meet one of our consultants, but we’ll first of all provide you with good value as a show of what we can do and you get to try us for free.

Here are some of the projects (finance and feasibility studies) we are working on currently: property developments of US$10million to US1billion petrochemical projects up to US$2.5billion Water purification and power plants of up to US$4 billion Power plants US$1Billion to US2.5billion Cement, Caustic soda, Steel, Porcelain, Hospitals and many more from US$40million and up… We can take an indepth look into: You finance requirements Your Business Valuation Estimate Your Biggest Challenges The 3 point action plan with low and no cost strategies you can use in your business immediately Your target market What the business’ potential is (How Big The Need And Supply Can Be)

Your marketing strategies and see what can be improved Your conversion rates and see how they can be improved Customer retention Quantum Business Development is a business development consultancy and we provide our clients with proven sales, marketing and business strategies developed by our principal officers over many years to address the seven major problems facing most operations today: insufficient sales value and volume constrained profit margins stiff competition and tough market conditions limited capital value and difficulty to sell the business staff retention and staff development time management and effective use of resources lack of clear and consistent workflows and procedures Quantum Business Development offers, through its Business Consultants, a comprehensive range of business support tools, ranging from hundreds of sales and marketing strategies, some generic and some adapted to clients’ specific needs, to a compendium of special reports which assist the client company’s management to resolve difficult marketplace situations.

All you have to do is give us a call on +27 (0) 011 -822 6253 or email us addressing your business Issues. F.A.Q. How does the 90-day consulting engagement work? What happens if I want a longer term involvement from Quantum? What is the overall result I can expect from the 90 day consulting engagement PLUS using the longer term engagement together?

How Does Quantum Convert Marketing and Sales Problems And Challenges Into Opportunities And Bottom Line Profits?

What are the benefits of working together?

What does the Confidential Business Analysis include?

What does the Business Development Action Plan include?

What the Business Review Process include?

What Additional Resources are included FREE? How does the 90-day consulting engagement work? We use the ‘Profit Acceleration and Business Stability’ Consulting Process that has been proven to work in just about any business. The 90-day programme consists of a total of 20 consulting days with a specialist and dedicated team chosen specifically for your business. They will work both on-site and off-site and see the project through from beginning to end.


Here it is in a nutshell:

1. Initial Fact Find and Contract agreement meeting (2 to 4hrs):

a. Start of the project agreed

b. Expectations and deliverables

c. Milestones

d. Which team members will be on your project and what each one will be expected to deliver.

e. Next Steps discussed:

i. Action plan checklist for you/your team to prepare for our next meeting Business Analysis Questionnaire Meetings (1/2 day per senior person) held within 1 week after out first meeting. a. Business analysis questionnaire used as a proven tool to fully understand your business and your business philosophy b. Agreeing on your personal and business goals c. Start of business analysis process. Staff meeting with all staff or groups of staff (1/2 to 1hr) giving general overview of the project’s aims and objectives Individual meetings (one on one meetings) with each staff member. Our main objective in doing this is to getting a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and the team who will assist in implementing the growth and development strategies. We get to know how: a. Your company functions from the point of view of your staff b. What you are good at and what can be improved c. Who the key members of staff are d. Skills and abilities of each staff member e. How the changes required to grow and develop the company will affect your staff and what are the expected “resisting and reinforcing” factors that exist. Micro market research (3 to 6 days) based on business and local information: a. Past customers b. Present customers c. Prospects d. Quoted but not converted e. Your current suppliers as well as f. Local competitors Macro market research (4 to 6 days) based on higher level research of the industry: a. Industry growth or decline nationally or globally b. National and international trends and developments c. Demographics and Psychographics d. Investigating new opportunities within your core business e. Positioning and niche markets and the new/unknown opportunities that exist USP & Positioning workshop (1 to 2 days): a. Presenting all the results from the analysis and research (Macro and Micro) b. Addressing existing marketing mistakes and how to fix them c. Positioning statement and how the company is perceived vs how it wants to be perceived and then working out the most appropriate positioning strategy d. Working out company based USP (Unique Selling Proposition) & product based USP’s using the most powerful differentiating factor and benefit to attract and convert your most profitable and ideal client. Preparation of the Business Development Action Plan (3-5 days) a. This plan is built around the facts – it gives you the quickest and most cost effective way to success.

Our philosophy is based in an INEGRATED approach where we make sure that all the pieces of the business puzzle fit together. This means that we not only ensure that we address Sales and Marketing issues, but also staff development and training, efficient and effective workflows and business processes (systemization) and address the all important exit strategy. Action Plan meeting with owner or senior team (1/2 to 1 day) a. We discuss the first draft of Business Development Action Plan and discuss the first number of actions making sure that you can agree: By Who? and By When? What happens if I want a longer term involvement from Quantum? You have the option of retaining the team that created your Business Development Action Plan to assist you “shoulder to shoulder” to drive the changes through the business. The most important actions are started based on the Business Development Action Plan that was created during the 90 day consulting engagement. This includes actions for you and your team as well as our team. We don’t get involved with stuffing envelopes and making sales calls but we develop sales tools and processes and train the staff to use them. After all, we want the business to function without us having to be there and the only way to do this is through skills transfer. Ongoing involvement includes: b. ½ day per fortnight Strategy Meeting with the senior team c. Staff training and development on an ad hoc basis d. HR and HR resources including updating staff files, job descriptions, staff contracts e. Policies and Procedures including staff handbooks f. Develop ads and mail shots g. Systemization of the business using proven systemization techniques Regular review includes: i. Where are we? ii. Where should we be? iii. What else needs to be done? iv. Make changes / corrections / additions / deletions This agreement continues until either of us give 3 months notice Payment for our services is mainly through results and we cover our base expenses through a small retainer fee. We work on-site at your premises two days per month usually for ½ strategy meetings and ½ staff development and training What is the overall result I can expect from the 90 day consulting engagement PLUS using the longer term engagement together? The main benefit is that you get a well researched and thorough Business Development Action Plan and the same team stay on and work together with you to implement it in a step-by-step way. The bulk of what we earn when we work like this is based on results. All you pay is a basic monthly expense retainer for us to cover the basics but you get the lion’s share of the increase in profits, capital growth and stability. This is a highly cost effective way for you to work simply because we take most of the risk by us using at least 3 qualified consultants in your business at the cost of one low level employee. You get three main areas of benefit: You get to grow your client/customer base and develop sustainable streams of income Your business is systemised and you get to focus on working “ON” your business as opposed to “IN” You will be able to EXIT your business on your own terms. How Does Quantum Convert Marketing and Sales Problems And Challenges Into Opportunities And Bottom Line Profits? Using the 3 most powerful business multipliers. These are: Business Multiplier 1: Seven Simple Ways To Grow Businesses There are just 7 simple ways to increase the sales and profits of any business. We call these business building methods the ‘7 Quantum Keys.’ Many businesses ignore at least 5 or 6 of these Quantum Keys, and as a result they AREN’T anywhere near as successful as they should be.

Each one is a crucial part of the jigsaw that determines the scale of your success. And each Quantum Key must be combined together to produce the optimum results. Tell me – how many are you using successfully right now in your business?


2. Quantum Key 2: IMPROVE YOUR SALES CONVERSION (the number of leads you convert into customers/buyers)


4. Quantum Key 4: INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OF PURCHASE (the number of times customers buy from you each year)




By using ALL SEVEN Quantum Keys you’ll grow your business quicker and easier than you ever thought possible – and you’ll do it with a massive increase in profits. Typically, most businesses rely heavily on lead generation, and as a result they are 85 per penny LESS effective. Business Multiplier 2: You Must Apply Proven Sales And Marketing Techniques To Each Quantum Key It’s no use sending out a sales letter, for example, to your prospects if you don’t apply proven strategies and techniques that ensure you generate a response and get people buying from you. What’s vitally important is to use techniques that are guaranteed to work. Guaranteed to ‘move’ people to take action. Guaranteed to get them buying from you. The difference between success and failure is not dependent on the marketing strategy you use (i.e. sales letters, advertising etc) but on HOW you apply the strategy, and how you combine it with some very powerful business building principles. When you apply proven techniques and business building principles across ALL SEVEN Quantum Keys you get every strategy working tirelessly for you, bringing in what I call multiple streams of income and profit! Business Multiplier 3: Create A “Seamless” Sales And Marketing Process It’s extremely rare that I see a business that has any kind of system in place for their sales and marketing (growth and profitability). And many people view sales and marketing in isolation, rather than as part of the same business building process. Because of this, much of their effort and their money are wasted. Combining your sales and marketing into a logical process, results in a steady supply of leads and enquiries being converted into buyers, and an increase in income from existing customers. Better still because it’s a system it works on autopilot! What are the benefits of working together? Our philosophy is that “It Is Our Business To Grow Your Business” This means that most of the fees we earn are generated out of the improvements we make in your business, most notably the extra profits and turnover we create. This applies to clients who take on board for the 90 day consulting engagement and then follow on with the Ongoing Support package. Individual services can also be selected based on your needs (click here to find out more…) This is consulting with a difference because it is a Joint Venture arrangement between two businesses… Yours and ours! We add value to your business by: Being a Low-cost alternative to you because you could employ a Business Development Manager/Specialist on a full time salary which can cost you anything between £45 000 and £120000 per year, with no guaranteed returns and yet another employee on your payroll and all the issues that go with that. Other consulting companies could cost between £650 and £1200 per day with no guarantees and no ongoing support. Having an “outsider view” of your business which means bringing new ideas and a fresh outlook. Using the Quantum Toolbox of proven, tried and tested methods that have worked in literally thousands of small, medium and large businesses like yours often doubling or tripling the size and PROFITS of your businesses in 12 to 18 months. Being there to TEST and MEASURE all marketing and business activities to determine what works and what doesn’t. To determine which activities are draining your business of cash flow, and providing you with alternate proven strategies to channel your energy into highly rewarding activities especially those that lead to profits and capital growth. Putting systems in place that: Drive hordes of hungry customers to your business and use powerful and irresistible direct marketing strategies to send your sales through the roof. Counter competitor price-cutting without reducing your margins, and uncover and profit from the hidden assets to be found within your business. Simply and effectively increase sales to your current customers by 10%, 35% and even up to 90%, with little or no additional marketing costs and keep customers coming back to buy from you again and again. Add immediate newfound profits and make your business 100% recession proof over time. “Systemise” the business to ensure maximum possible efficiency and a smooth and cost effective workflow process. Improve staff turnover and staff retention rates as well as quick “orientation” and deployment of new staff with minimum disruption to the fulfilment of client orders. And much more… Providing Staff Development and Training so that the skills and expertise stay within the business long after we have moved on. This process stabilises the business and ensures that everyone is working together for a synergistic result. It also increases the value of the business and makes it easier to sell. New owners don’t want to buy a “job”; they want efficient people and systems to rely on to give them a return on investment. Getting your business onto Autopilot. You may have a business that you are working “IN” at the moment which means YOU may in fact have a “job” and a business that runs you and determines your life for you. Getting your business onto Autopilot simply means getting the business to run itself thereby enabling you to work “ON” instead of “IN” the business. Giving you the free time and money to get to the things you really want to do. Also getting you ready for an EXIT strategy; be it selling the business, franchising or floating… Regular progress meetings and reports to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals as well as to introduce new ideas for all the growth stages you will be going through. Many other business building resources like tapes, CD’s, books, seminars, experienced business contacts within the Quantum network, special business reports, Quantum Business Mastery Programme and The 42 Business Growth Principles Handbook. What does the Confidential Business Analysis include? Face-to-face, telephone, postal mail, or e-mail meetings of customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and all relevant parties. Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of business related strengths, weaknesses and critical marketing efforts to uncover hidden or untapped sources of business and income. Identify or define your ideal target market by psychographics, demographics, accessibility, sophistication, and needs, wants and expectations. Comprehensive multi-page Business Analysis Questionnaires. Where is your business now? What is the ultimate potential of your business? Where would you like your business to be? What is the quickest, easiest, most effective, and most profitable way to get it there? Comprehensive report back of findings. What does the Business Development Action Plan include? Identify or create personal and company vision, goals and exit strategy. Identify exploitable strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your competition. Identify or create your Unique Differentiating Factor. Develop specific growth strategies for… Getting more new leads. Improving leads to sales conversion ratio. Increasing the average value of each sale. Improving and enhancing profit margins. Increasing the average number of sales per year per customer. Getting customers to refer more qualified leads. Converting more referred leads to buying customers.

Creating additional marketing and business systems that create immediate, long-lasting and steady streams of income and business stability. Develop and install effective systems for ethically exploiting, monitoring and optimizing relationships with… Training and staff development of key employees and personnel. Helping you reach your ideal EXIT (sale of business, franchising, floating, earning recurring income from your business to go and do something else) What the Business Review Process include? Regular meetings by personal visit, telephone, postal mail, or email to… Review strategies and systems. Appraise growth and progress. Where are we? Where should we be? What else needs to be done? Make changes / corrections / additions / deletions Ongoing Support Strategy and Solutions Consultation. Systems Design and Implementation. Results Monitoring and Correction. Ongoing Consultative Support. Subscription to “Business Growth Strategies” Newsletter What Additional Resources are included FREE? Depending on the type of engagement, you will have free access to our library of business development guides: Manuals and Special Guides: Outmanoeuvring, Out-Selling And Out Marketing Your Competition – The Handbook To Create ‘Out Of The Box’ Marketing Strategies That Multiply Your Sales. Buying & Selling A Business – Quick, Simple And Powerful Way To Buy For Pennies And Sell For Pounds. How To Increase Your Response Rate – Quick And Simple Techniques To Boost Your Direct Mail Response. 16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business, Plus 120 Brainstorming Marketing ‘Power Tools’ You Can Use Today – Powerful strategies to skyrocket your business and multiply your profits and business success. How To Develop A Multi-Millionaire Mentality – Your Action Guide To Creating A Mega Wealth Mindset And Lifestyle. 95 Powerful Tips For Converting Your Advertising Direct Mail Campaigns Into Powerful “Customer Magnets” – Apply These Insiders’ Secrets To Your Business, And Gain That All-Important “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competition!


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