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Can we help your Business – What next? Before we meet, we complete a 30 minute Telephone “Fact Find” Business Interview with you. This will determine where your business is currently at, how much we can improve it and where we are going towards the future.

Most importantly, the information we collect will help us prepare before we get together. Our purpose for the first meeting is to share business development ideas you can use immediately to bring changes to your marketing and sales. We also discuss in more detail how we can work with you in your business to bring the changes you require.

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Proven Strategy At QBD we have developed proven methods that guarantee you to grow sales and bring stability to your business.

You can easily fix problems and challenges in your business today, by simply hiring professional Quantum Business Development consultants to come in, “magically” sort out all your problems with their proven 444 business development strategies, research your business and market, develop a new mission, and goals for your business, develop sales and marketing tools, work with the sales and marketing teams, train them correctly. Assist you in making better business decisions.

Generate massive sales leads and put you back in control of your business, clients and your time!

How It Works For Your Business A successful business is series of “systems” (production, services, finance, marketing, sales, client relations, etc). If one of these systems is out of place or malfunctioning, it will hugely affect the rest of the systems which makes up your entire business system. Your business is only as good as your weakest system can be.

Example of a common problem: How does the marketing team know what to tell the sales team if the sales team does not understand the value or capabilities of production team to better service their client or sell to them?

By aligning these systems we can easily create a smoother and much more effective business system with you. This will appear as though something “magical” has happened once everything is in place and the business is running at a predictable, stable and profitable pace.

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing with you business building ideas and techniques you can use to get immediate results.

Yours in business growth

The QBD team

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Our tried, tested and proven ideas make us one of the leading market research companies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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