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Quantum Business Development provides a combined consulting service which offers a range of services, including:
•    Business Needs Analysis
•    Market Research
•    Marketing Strategy and Development Campaign
•    Marketing Plan
•    Account Manager Support
•    Customer and Prospect Database
•    Sales Letters; including design and copy
•    Information Pack or Brochure
•    Staff Training
•    Branding Design and Revamping
•    Contact Centre [TELESALES]
•    Business Process Outsourcing Planning
•    Internet Marketing Strategy
•    Social Media Strategy
•    Website Development: text, hosting and search-engine optimisation, traffic statistics
•    Newsletter: electronic and hard copy
•    Targeted Press Release Writing
•    Authoring of Company Blogs
•    Advertising Design and Layout
•    Integrated Communications Campaign
•    Legally-complaint E-mail Signature
•    Remote Desktop Support
•    Marketing e-books
•    Customer Relationship Management
•    Enterprise Resource Development

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