Business Consulting Services

How Business Consulting Services Can Help Business to Grow?


A business needs expert marketing strategies for analyzing the competitors, to research on changing market trends, to explore opportunities

for financial growth, to search for best collaborating partners, to eliminate negative image, to test strategies, and to explore business

opportunities internationally. All such things require business consulting services. The services help in developing strategies and solutions

for current and upcoming issues and hardships in businesses.


Quantum Business Development provides a combined consulting service which offers a range of services, including:
•    Business Needs Analysis
•    Market Research
•    Marketing Strategy and Development Campaign
•    Marketing Plan
•    Account Manager Support
•    Customer and Prospect Database
•    Sales Letters; including design and copy
•    Information Pack or Brochure
•    Staff Training
•    Branding Design and Revamping
•    Contact Centre [TELESALES]
•    Business Process Outsourcing Planning
•    Internet Marketing Strategy
•    Social Media Strategy
•    Website Development: text, hosting and search-engine optimisation, traffic statistics
•    Newsletter: electronic and hard copy
•    Targeted Press Release Writing
•    Authoring of Company Blogs
•    Advertising Design and Layout
•    Integrated Communications Campaign
•    Legally-complaint E-mail Signature
•    Remote Desktop Support
•    Marketing e-books
•    Customer Relationship Management
•    Enterprise Resource Development

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