How You Can Become The Lowest Cost and Most Efficient Business In Your Market Place

“Within 2 months your month-end processing time can be reduced by 71,4%, and you’ll be able to process, track, monitor and report in real-time on your entire business”

That’s what I say with confidence because around 8000 companies with over 55,000 users have installed and are benefitting from Sage Pastel Evolution ERP daily. I have the conviction in our project managed Sage Pastel Evolution implementations and solutions with the proof that it is tried, tested and proven to give you guaranteed ROI. The results are quick and measurable.

In this letter I share with you:

  • success stories of real life companies
  • how we work as an implementation specialist
  • examples of how much a Sage Pastel Evolution ERP solution would cost you
  • list of the add-on modules available
  • request a FREE no obligation software demonstration

You can then quickly calculate how working together with us will directly increase your bottom line as well as reduce costs very quickly.

Real Life Client Examples – Here’s Proof

One of Sage Evolution’s clients Dew Crisp, was taking more than 7 days to process month-end prior to implementation. It took a mere 2 months to implement Sage Pastel Evolution and now month-end processing has been cut to less than 2 days.

Dew Crisp being a mid-sized company, has 30 users across admin, process and distribution. All of them are working on the fully integrated and centralised accounting ERP system where they are able to track, monitor and report on the entire business.

Another Sage Evolution client known as Africa’s largest online marketplace namely bidorbuy, has over 1million online shoppers per month and manages more than 650,000 items for sale at any one time. Sage Evolution handles this with ease. In addition, processing these high volume transactions is done in a rock solid stable manner across multiple accounts and multi-currencies.

A further example is South Africa’s top refrigeration specialists in perishable products Coolmac. With their head office in Groblersdal, they have multiple branches across South Africa installing large-scale refrigeration solutions as well as servicing refrigeration plants with sophisticated maintenance programs. For delivering projects they use integrated Job Costing functionality and for customer management and marketing Evolution CRM is used. Evolution is supporting their growth as a company that has more than doubled its client base and revenue in the last 6 months. Procurement of all supplies is run entirely through the Procurement add-on module with great effect and efficiency.

Changing Market Place and Changing Times

As I am sure you are aware, the last 20 years has given rise to a more sophisticated customer for your business as well as changes in the supply chain. Your customer’s purchasing habits have become more varied and diverse as well as the solutions they demand from you to fulfil their needs. This has meant a radical change to business management and reporting techniques and a greater emphasis to adapt the business process to the needs of the customer.

With Sage Evolution ERP as a central database and system, you’ll be able to effectively draw on the wealth of information accumulated to utilise your staff, capital equipment, stock, supply chain and customer base to its best effect in this changing market place. This means that you can increase your efficiency and your profits by implementing a Sage Evolution ERP solution in your company in as little as 2 weeks up to an average of 2 months depending on the size and scale required.

Low Profits and Downward Pressure on Profit Margins

The last few years have been difficult times for businesses across South Africa. The profits of the previous century have been significantly reduced for a lot of companies. This has meant a greater need to identify products/services, staff, regions and target markets that are making profit margins and those that aren’t.

As you know this isn’t as easy as some would expect. A complete Sage Evolution ERP solution can help you achieve this. By pinpointing and distinguishing between the profitable and the non profitable, you can eliminate or adapt these areas of your business to increase your profit margins and reduce costs.

The Need for Value Creation and a Stronger Value Proposition

Increased competition has meant that companies need to look very carefully at reducing the cost of each product or service through “value engineering”.

By decreasing cost and at the same time ensuring we don’t affect the functionality or quality of each product or service, you can not only increase the profitability on already profitable areas within your business, you can also bring unprofitable areas into a profitable position. Your overall profit margins will increase as a result.

Improving the Efficiency of Staff

Increased competition means that any gains in staff productivity will benefit your company enormously. Staff costs are often one of the highest overheads. Making staff more aware of their responsibilities to quality control and self-improvement will have a positive bearing on your impact in the market place.

Through our expertise in ERP solution implementation techniques we can help you maximise the return from your staff in a harmonious way to ensure everyone is working in the right direction to the benefit of your company.

Success Stories

The items above are a few of the difficulties that we find are being faced in companies today.

However, our Sage Evolution ERP solution really can make the difference to you. But don’t take our word for it, look at what some of the Sage Evolution ERP clients have to say:

LEADER TREAD: “When searching for a new system, user-friendliness was our utmost priority. Time is now spent on managing the business, not managing the system. Before Sage Evolution, figures would often be incorrect. Now we are more informed and receive accurate information on time. Sage Evolution has also cut time spent on administration and has freed up staff tremendously”     

Andrew Summers – Financial Director, Leader Tread a 50 year-old company operating in Europe, Israel, Africa and Madagascar. (25 user system – implementation 1 month)

 PANNAR: “As we are a seasonal business the bulk of our selling and invoicing occurs within three months of the entire year. If we make a mistake in our bookkeeping the implications will be severe including lost opportunity cost and reputational risk. We needed a fully-fledged accounting and stock taking system where daily inventories, sales, cash flow, and stock management from all our different outlets could be recorded in one main database. One of the best advantages of Sage Evolution is its gradual learning curve and the ability for us implement a scalable solution across all of our locations. One we installed Sage Evolution we could record everything on one centralised database so that all our African and overseas divisions could work from the same platform. Sage Evolution also enabled us to control our inventory management and lot tracking across multiple warehouses”

Keith Maharaj, Financial Manager, Pannar  – a 60+ year old company with branches in 9 African countries including South Africa, America and others (54 users – implementation incremental)

 PG AFRICA: “A fundamental requirement for PG Africa was the ability for each of the 23 branches to trade in an off-line environment on a local server due to the unreliable connectivity and bandwidth constraints in Africa. We wanted a system that was well supported and Sage Evolution was the obvious choice because of its significant user base, competitive pricing, ease of use and prominent brand. Sage Evolution’s continuous customer service and willingness to assist was impressive. They were there for us every step of the way, committed to seeing the project through”

Priscilla Pears, Group IT Manager, PG Group – an Africa wide company with branches including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, DRC, Angola Malawi and others (84 users – phased roll out)

PG AFRICA: “Sage Evolution has proved to be nimble and efficient at a cheaper cost. All our support queries were centralised in South Africa. At a branch level, the reporting is brilliant. Each country operates as a separate legal entity and as a result, reporting is required at both branch and country level. Data integrity remains consistently reliable and supports these objectives”

Brian Nichol, Divisional FD at PG Glass, Group IT Manager, PG Group

There are more examples but this should give you a good idea of the capabilities you can enjoy.

So why don’t you give us a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. Don’t let your competitors get the edge and let new opportunities slip away.

Take that first step towards becoming the lowest cost and highest profit business in your market place.

Call us now on 011 6924975 for a free no obligation software demonstration at your office anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa. You can find us on or fax us on 0865 117 473.

If the above points and testimonials don’t convince you to contact me, I offer these important additional benefits to all my clients:

  • 60 day free trial demo software. This means that you can play with software and get a good feel for it. We will set up a demo company for you to create transactions and run reports to check the results.
  • We operate on a transparent fee basis quoted in advance based on a proven project management plan guide.

You know prior to any work we carry out how much the work will cost. This means you can budget effectively, and allows you to quantify the return you will receive.

  • We work alongside you and your staff.

One of your worries will be the impact any software system change may have on your work force and especially the users who need the training and support. We eliminate any problems by working very closely with your staff to promote a two-way dialogue and address queries quickly.

This helps settle the system down and smooth out changes as well as creating harmony amongst you, your staff and ourselves. In fact we see this as an essential process to reach our objectives.

  • We have the relevant experience to tackle almost every problem and provide a solution across industries.

As a senior person of a medium-sized company, one fear could be that the people whom you approach for assistance (especially software vendors) don’t have the relevant experience to help.

Every member of my team has extensive first hand experience of and the accreditations required by Sage Training department – everyone knows how to achieve success in their specialty. This experience has largely been gained through working with various companies across industries. We make a positive difference. That’s what you want!

These benefits have been implemented since our start in implementing Sage Pastel products in 1996 – 18 years hard-earned experience. You get peace of mind, tangible results and most of all – a successful solution.

  • How much does the software cost?

Here are a few costing examples (full pricing available on request): CORE module with main AR, AP, Stock, Cash Book etc. increasing by 1 user at a time, based on concurrent usage.

  • Single user – R 18 568
  • Two users – R 25 058
  • Five users – R 44 531
  • Ten users – R 76 987
  • Fifteen users – R 109 441
  • Twenty users – R 141 895
  • Twenty five users – R 159 046
  • Thirty users – R 176 197
  • Fifty users – R 244 800
  • 100 users – R 402 626
  • Evolution can handle over 1000 users for large sites – ask for a quote

Add-on modules, per module add-on based on user numbers – see the page

  • 1 – 5 Users      R 7 818
  • 6 – 10  Users   R 12 530
  • 11 – 15 Users  R 16 110
  • 16 – 20 Users  R 19 019
  • 21 – 30 Users  R 20 361
  • 31 – 40 Users  R 22 376
  • 41 – 50 Users  R 24 389
  • 51 – 100 Users R 30 206
  • 101 – 200 Users   R 40 051
  • 201 + Users    R 48 108

Other modules have individual pricing, which can be discussed at the free demonstration. For example CRM module is R 12 069  for a single user and standalone Fixed Assets for a single user is R 6 726. Branch Accounting, Service Manager, SDK, Mobility, iPhone/iPad apps etc. have their own pricing.

  • How much does the installation and support cost?

Implementation Services are calculated per project and costs are discussed in advance. A good gauge is using a 1:1 ratio with the software.

Actual rates are (excluding VAT):

  • Consulting and training – R795 per hour
  • Project Management and Senior Product Consultant – R895 per hour
  • Travel, Accommodation, subsistence outside Gauteng are agreed in advance and are paid directly by the client

Next steps…

Call us on our contact telephone number is 011 754 1209 / 011 754 1125 for a free no obligation software demonstration at your office anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa.

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Alternatively why don’t you call me on my cell: 082 780 4088 to arrange an appointment?

Yours sincerely
Dudley Peacock
Director – Q&A ERP (Pty) Ltd
Sage Evolution and MS SQL experts

P.S.    As a company, we only work with Sage Pastel Evolution ERP. I know the software and how it can help your business. I know what works and what doesn’t and how to get Sage Evolution working quickly for you. Call me now on 011 754 1209 / 011 754 1125 or my cell 082 780 4088.

Call us on our contact telephone number is 011 754 1209 / 011 754 1125 for a free no obligation software demonstration at your office anywhere in Gauteng, South Africa. Alternatively call me at 082 780 4088. Thank You!

Remember the benefits I am offering you:

  • 60 day free trial demo software.
  • We operate on a transparent fee basis quoted in advance based on a proven project management plan guide.
  • We work alongside you and your staff.
  • We have the relevant experience to tackle almost every problem and provide a solution across industries.

These benefits have been implemented since inception implementing Sage Pastel products in 1996 – 20 years hard-earned experience. You get peace of mind, tangible results and most of all – a successful solution.