Improve marketing – How to Improve Marketing in Your Company

How to Improve Marketing in Your Company

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Many believe that in order to improve our marketing that we must completely consider how we wish to sell our products and services and train our customers how to do business with us. Well, some of that makes sense, yet you can sure spend a lot of money training your customers how to do business with you only to find out they won’t. Therefore it often makes more sense to observe the customer’s buying behavior and how they wish to do business rather than contemplating how you wish them to do business with you.


Some marketing consultants say that unless one defines their business operations in a lengthy business plan, that their marketing more often then not will in fact end up using the wrong marketing options in the incorrect ways. Indeed this could end up costing quite a bit of unnecessary funds and since cash flow is king that can be problematic. If these marketing consultants are correct and that their approach to the situation is divine, then we are led to believe that we must choose our advertising, brochures, signage and marketing tools based on how we wish to do business irregardless of the customer.


There is an inherent folly in such logic and that is that the customer is king, just like the cash flow and restrictions on the customer inhibit purchases to your business. Marketing which goes against the natural flow of funds from the customer is wasteful, even if one believes it is the most efficient way for the business to deal with them. You must put your mind inside of your target markets heads and then always consider this when choosing your marketing dollar allocations and which types of marketing make the most sense.

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