Integr8 IT was Africa’s largest privately owned ICT company until it was acquired by Business Connexion in 2013. As part of South Africa’s largest publically traded information technology business, Integr8 requires a powerful business management solution.

In particular, the company was hungry for better business intelligence (BI) to help it access the information it needed to make better decisions and grow its business. It wanted a solution was cost-effective, quick to implement, and most importantly, relevant to the size of the business.

Bradley Riback, Integr8’s Financial Director says: “We needed a system that was automated and could assist in increasing of our productivity levels.”

Integr8’s other requirements included software with an annuity billing module, assistance in pricing structures, accurate credit risk management, cash flow forecasting and effective customer relationship management.

“We were originally using Pastel Partner and heard that Pastel had a business intelligence centre (BIC) specifically designed for medium to large businesses. It uses Excel as a front end and this immediately appealed to us as Excel is pervasive, simple to use and something everyone is familiar with,” says Riback.

Integr8 upgraded to Sage’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Sage Evolution, which includes the BIC module and CRM capabilities. The entire implementation process took less than a month.

At the click of a button Integr8 now has access to detailed, flexible intelligent reports for each area of the business. These draw on the company’s data and deliver it in the form of Excel spreadsheets that can be drilled down for more information. “Automation has greatly reduced the amount of errors that we incurred in a manual process,” says Riback. “It has also freed up resources so that we can be more customer focused because the painstaking task of preparing reports manually and performing repetitive data extracts is eliminated.”

Automation ensures controls and processes that are bulletproof. “Workflow is clearly defined and our managers have peace of mind knowing that everything is being followed religiously,” Riback says.

The BIC module has empowered Integr8 IT with information for good decision-making. “We use BI to enhance our sales team by assessing product and service lines, highlighting potential problems and see where we can make more profit,” says Riback. Integr8 also uses intelligent reporting to analyse profitability by customer against different revenue lines. In addition, access to real time data significantly improves management of suppliers and debtors.