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Marketing Outsourcing Strategy:

Marketing outsourcing is much more than a strategy to better manage resources. Outsourcing this critical function of a business can help you reduce your head count, give you access to the expertise of highly skilled marketing professionals, reduce time and bring down the costs. Marketing is the main objective Few business terms are more misunderstood than marketing outsourcing. People usually regard it as a stopgap method to get work done for cheap. It does incorporate this objective but is not limited to filling an interim need. It can be defined as an innovative strategy aimed at accomplishing a company’s broad marketing objectives. This is what makes the strategy stand out.

Outsourcing is Business Strategy

Outsourcing various marketing functions has been the norm for quite a time. Companies have long hired outside firms to launch and run advertising campaigns, public relations and many other similar activities. When marketing is outsourced, a single resource assumes responsibility for a full range of activities: research, analysis, strategy, setting up sales and/or marketing departments, on-line and/or off-line advertising, web strategies, SEO, etc. Flexibility in execution is the foremost benefit that marketing outsourcing provides. You have access to a pool of expertise in every marketing discipline which you can use to apply to projects of any size and scope. The client company pays only for the services used for the length of time needed. More importantly, fees are often fixed on a monthly basis and not billed hourly. This means that client’s know what to expect each month and there are no surprises. Furthermore, marketing outsourcing enables clients to bring their overall start-up and implementation costs down, another major benefit. Marketing Outsourcing is an integrated process that pulls together all marketing functions. At its core, marketing outsourcing is a targeted effort to achieve objectives, coupled with the tactical deployment of resources. The firm tries to achieve the goal for the client as efficiently and effectively as possible within the operations of the client’s business. It is not aimed at a short term gain BUT builds value into a company’s marketing infrastructure and subsequently the whole business benefits. Outsourcing enables a company to focus on core competencies. For instance, if a company is in software development, they can focus on their core customer fulfilment activities instead of doing the marketing where resources or skills could be thin or non-existent. Marketing is often not a fundamental skill existent in companies. Reliance on a marketing outsourcing firm would spare in-house personnel to focus on more core responsibilities, enabling them to play to their strengths.

Here’s the MOST IMPORTANT fact: An external marketing outsourcing company displays media and discipline neutrality. Often, advertising agencies, public relations or marketing collateral distribution firms do not think outside their fields. However, an outsourced MAREKTING team has a different objective.

They deploy resources only after strategic analysis of:

•Client company’s goals

•Market position


With a marketing outsourcing enterprise, every media and discipline is on the table and applied strategically.

Objective Point of View

Marketing outsourcing supplies that all-important objective viewpoint to the business strategy and implementation. Looking at the whole thing from an outside perspective is required to tune it up for the unexpected. Regular management staff, executives and senior management often become too close to the business (stuck in the detail, daily problem solving and micro time consuming details). Mostly just too involved to take a step back and analyse strategies from their customer’s perspectives. A marketing outsourcing agency fills in the gap. A company might feel crippled by the lack of skill-set or resources, particularly if they are working on large, complex projects. Moreover, such projects require extensive, seamless co-ordination among various components of the plan.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

A dedicated team of marketing professionals will deliver what is expected of them in a proficient manner. They will bring in high-level talent, innovative ideas and added energy, all of these are required to execute the strategic goals. Businesses all over the world are opting for professional marketing companies which offer a whole range of services. The trend is global, visible in countries as diverse as USA, UK, South Africa and India. Companies find marketing outsourcing a highly effective business strategy. South Africa (, a developing country, has several agencies which provide complete marketing solutions to their clients. It is clear that the outsourcing of marketing phenomenon has a global reach. One such agency, Quantum Business Development, is based in Johannesburg. Marketing Resource This article is written by an expert associated with QBD Marketing, a South Africa based company (Johannesburg), which provides complete marketing services. It helps clients improve leads (

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