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Quantum Business Development Offers a 7-Keys Business Marketing Strategy Solution!

Outsourced Marketing – The Business Strategies We use

Quantum Business Development is one of the leading outsource marketing specialist companies that has built its reputation as an expert business developer. The company is now offering sales and lead generation for their client’s using what they call the “7 KEYS Business Growth Strategy” which has 444 unique sales and marketing techniques.

Double or Triple Your Profits in 18 Months – How Is It Possible?

Outsource marketing has been given a whole new approach to success by Quantum Business Development. The company is now offering their expert marketing services that are designed to help businesses double or triple their profits very easily and quickly.

The only thing that is necessary is for client businesses to allow the 7 Keys Business Growth Strategy to be implemented in their business plan. When allowing Quantum Business Development to take over their marketing efforts using the marketing outsource solution, companies can easily out-manoeuvre, out-sell and out-market their competition.

A senior executive of Quantum Business Development explained how they will work for their clients’ business success. He said, “We are outsourcing marketing specialists that will do all the hard work for you. We will implement all 7 keys to improve your sales and marketing. You are included as part of the systems that are introduced, thus ensuring you still remain in complete control. However, all the hard work and stress is managed by Quantum Business Development, for you and on behalf of you.”

According to Quantum Business Development, the 7 keys of sales and marketing success are that are comprised in the 7 Keys Business Growth Strategy:

Lead Generation- To have more people interested your  products and services, as well as are willing to listen to your sales offer.

Conversion Rate- Leads are useless unless they convert into sales. Quantum Business Development will work to convert these leads into sales thus generating new clients or customers.

Average Transaction Value – This refers to the amount of money that you get from each sale (some may call it top line Sales Revenue or even Gross Profit). This is where we will work to increase this value over time.

Frequency Of Purchase – Quantum Business Development will ensure focus on increasing the frequency of business transactions you do with your client or customer.

Referrals – The number of people enquiring about your product or service after hearing from someone else will increase steadily.

Lifetime Value – The amount of money your client or customer will spend with you during their customer life cycle is known as Lifetime Value. To increase this value therefore we’ll increase the length of time your client or customer buys from you; thus increasing the customer life cycle.

Profit Margins – Your profit margins will be increased so that you make more money from each sale.

A senior executive Quantum Business Development says that their track record shows that this method spell success for all their current and future clients, “Our systems are developed and highly customized to each business and sector. The 7 Keys are a vital part in any business’s growth and for any business to be successful these 7 Keys needs to be in place, regardless of what business you’re in.”

Quantum Business Development is of the view that their 7 KEYS Business Growth Strategy will make for a highly successful business growth strategy (http://www.qbdmarketing.co.za/).

 About Quantum Business Development:

Quantum Business Development is an outsourcing marketing specialist firm that creates the best
business marketing strategies (http://www.qbdmarketing.co.za/outsource-marketing.php) for its clients. They work on the basis of a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy called the 7 KEYS Business Growth Strategy.


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