PG Africa has enjoyed better financial control of its subsidiaries around the continent and streamlined reporting at head office and subsidiary level since it implemented Sage Evolution as its ERP solution.

The company – a subsidiary of PG Group – is a leading distributor of automotive and building glass products across Southern Africa, with operations in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, DRC, Malawi and Angola. It replaced a custom-developed legacy solution with Sage Evolution.

“A fundamental requirement for PG Africa was the ability for each of the 23 branches to trade in an offline environment on a local server due to unreliable connectivity and bandwidth constraints in Africa,” says Priscilla Pears, Group IT Manager at PG Group.

After considering its options, the PG team decided on Sage Evolution because of its competitive pricing, ease of use and prominent brand. “We wanted a system that was well supported in South Africa, and Sage Evolution was an obvious choice because of its significant user base,” says Pears.

“But the deal clincher was Sage Evolution’s Branch Accounting module. It allowed for all country branches to trade independently, while data was consolidated at head office.”

Brian Nichol, Divisional FD at PG Africa and Glass South Africa, says: “Sage Evolution has proved to be nimble and efficient at a cheaper cost. All our support queries are centralised in South Africa and we are very happy with the level of service provided.

“At a branch level, the reporting is brilliant. Each country operates under a separate legal entity and as a result, reporting is required at both a branch and country level. Sage Evolution provides a platform from which the head office accounting team can leverage data at a branch and country level to drive improvements and efficiencies across each region. Data integrity remains consistently reliable and supports these objectives.”

Business Analytics for Sage Evolution has further enhanced the reporting functionality. Data from each country and branch is automatically uploaded into a purpose-built data warehouse which ensures easy access to current and historical data through 7 pre-built cubes with a Microsoft Excel front end.

The finance team are now able to effortlessly review financial statements across each country and benchmark performance across multiple regions, periods and KPI’s. They can also drill down to the lowest transactional level for any branch, customer, product or warehouse in each country.