Project Management Software

A complete view of all your project activity.  Projects is an easy to use, fast to deploy Time Billing, Job Costing and Project Management solution for Sage Evolution and for Sage 300  that provides true visibility of employee utilization, work in progress and project profitability.

Projects is a Time Billing, Job Costing and Project Management solution for Sage 300 that allows you to take control of your projects. The Sage Evolution and Sage 300 add-on module written in the SDK, Projects is fully integrated to G/L, A/P, A/R, P/O, I/C, O/E and extends the powerful Sage CRM.

Projects provides a comprehensive set of features for the capture and reporting of revenue and cost for all types of projects. With timesheet options that include Microsoft Outlook, Web based timesheet, and timers — Projects works the way you want to.

Flexible Project structure allows you to track every step with an unlimited work breakdown structure and unlimited budgets per level. Projects is flexible solution to your Job Costing and Time Billing requirements in Sage Evoultion and Sage 300.


  • Capture Time Directly from Outlook, Web browser or Timer.
  • Capture Expenses from the Time-sheet or Accounts Payable.
  • Ship Inventory directly to projects.
  • Link Purchase Orders to projects.
  • Invoice in Accounts Receivable or Order Entry in Summary or Detail.
  • Support Complex Periodic Invoicing
  • Manage Work in Progress
  • Time and Attendance
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Buyer Generated Invoices for Subcontractors

Projects also provides a full interface (SOAP, REST, COM and .NET) to allow you to post timesheets into Projects from external applications.  Edit approve and unapproved time and expenses submissions before they are posted. Approve time and expenses by project or team. Post reimbursable expenses back to the employee/subcontractor using Accounts Payable Invoice entry.

Product Overview

Capture Time and Expenses Easily – Projects Outlook Timesheet, Web Timesheet and Timer let you work the way you want to. Outlook Timesheet integrates Projects to Microsoft Outlook turning your calendar into a timesheet. Enter time and expenses with all the functionality you already know in Microsoft Outlook.

Web Timesheet extends the power of Projects to your team in the field. Capture time and expenses anywhere that is connected to the internet. RealTime is a timer based capture tool that runs on your Windows desktop, capturing activity which is then submitted to the web timesheet.

Both Outlook and Web timesheets options support the capture of time and expenses from employees and sub-contractors.

Automatically create buyer generated invoices based on time captured by subcontractors and pay through Accounts Payable Projects allows us to be more efficient in areas of the business that are so unpredictable, saving us crucial time and money.


Key Advantages of Projects Time Billing

  • Capture Time.
  • Capture Expenses.
  • Reimburse Employees for out of pocket expenses
  • Manage Work In Progress
  • Advanced Invoicing
  • MS Project integration
  • Sage CRM integration
  • Budget versus Actual Reporting
  • Provision Management
  • Credit Notes


Credit Notes

In the event a credit is required, Projects will automatically reinstate any associated time allowing you to write the time off or re-bill it. This allows very detailed control of employee performance as all write-offs and credits can be directly attributable to the employee.

Projects for Sage Evolution and Sage 300

Product Overview – Manage Projects

From initial estimate to final invoice, Projects provides you the tools to accurately plan, control and report on your projects. Support for unlimited segments/tasks within you project each with unlimited budget records. Link tasks to specific customers.

Drive G/L revenue entries by task. Link budgets to vendors / staff / inventory or expense items for detailed budget versus actual tracking.

Capture payment schedules and automatically generate invoices. Use the built in document library to keep all your files associated with the project in one place.

Create dashboards for the organisation, team or individual person or Project.

Work In Progress – Account for work in progress at value or cost depending on the type of project. Different accounting methods can be specified for each project. Accrue future revenue during timesheet posting or offset salaries/wages.  Recognise costs and revenue as required or by percent complete as entered or calculated by budget versus actual by task.

Setup teams to group resources and projects. Specify work in progress and other general ledger accounts by team. Select the source for the general ledger accounts while setting up the project to allow simple inter company charging. Override default G/L accounts with project drive values such as employee id, customer id, task id.


Projects for Sage Evolution and Sage 300 – Microsoft Office Integration


Generate reports in Excel automatically using generate pivot table reporting or use embedded formulas to populate cells directly with Project data. Create and Update a project directly in Excel then push the changes through a Project based on the tasks and budgets entered. Enter A/P invoices in Excel for fast data entry. Convert existing Excel based reports to live dynamic reports in minutes.


Convert calendar appointments directly to time-sheets. Capture associated expense entries with each calendar appointment. Online and offline access allow time capture at anytime. Invite colleagues to the meeting populate their timesheet.


Direct Integration to MS Project allows two way updates between Projects for Sage 300 and MS Project.

Projects offers out of the box integration to many common Microsoft Office products. Full support for MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Invoicing and Provision Management

Projects Time Billing has a range of invoicing options to meet your re-quirements. Create simple invoices detailing time and expenses or gen-erate summary invoices fully allocated to the time and expenses. Full integration into Accounts Receivable Reoccurring charges allows regular invoices to be generated and revenue posted to a Projects Pro-ject. Billing can be completed by the project managers without entering Ac-cpac using the Projects Billing Manager.

All invoices are created in Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry