Service Manager Software

“Schedule and manage the servicing of assets within your business with Sage Service Manager”

The Sage Evolution Service Manager module adds service management functionality to the Sage Evolution ERP platform, helping to manage the effective servicing of various assets. It is useful for businesses involved in plant hire, vending machine rental and related activities as well as for companies with large asset fleets to manage and keep optimally maintained. Sage Evolution Service Manager also caters for the in-house servicing, repair and ongoing maintenance of assets in capital- intensive industries such as agriculture and mining.

Using Sage Evolution Service Manager, you can effectively and efficiently manage the terms of complex customer equipment service contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

If your business deals in the rental and servicing of assets, you may find it difficult to keep track of the customer letting, repair and maintenance processes involved. Let us assist in streamlining these processes so that you can work more productively. Our Service Manager module gives you full control over the scheduling and management of any service asset with the automation of service requests, tasks and timetables.

Key Features and Benefits

(Click to download the brochure: service_manager-brochure)

• Effectively manage and customise customer service contracts with escalations and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
• Schedule services or bill customers based on counter or period configurations.
• View asset history with regards to tasks scheduled, stock issued and technician timesheets.
• Track service asset warranties and service histories.
• Track the profit and loss on each task by integrating with Sage Evolution Projects.
• Manage technician schedules with the module’s calendar style scheduler.
• Reduce paperwork by automating and managing service requests and service tasks.
• Process consolidated invoices.
• Report on and control all of the costs associated with servicing your assets.
• For each service asset model there is a Knowledge Base that can be populated with error codes specific to the model.

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