The 7 Quantum Keys To Business Success!

The 7 Quantum Keys To Business Success!

Key 1: Lead Generation (110 Methods)- That is, people who are interested in, and are willing to listen to your sales story. But be careful, here. “Leads” doesn’t necessarily mean raw new prospects (remember, selling to new prospects is a costly proposition).

Key 2: Sales Conversion Rate (63 Methods)- All the leads in the world (no matter how qualified and interested they may be) will do you absolutely no good unless you can convert those leads into buying customers.

Sales conversion is a simple system that you must use to logically ‘move’ the prospect from an enquiry to becoming a client or customer.

Key 3: Transaction Value (53 Methods)– this is the average amount of money you get from each sale.

Key 4: Frequency Of Purchase (55 Methods)– this is how often someone will continue doing business with you once they’ve bought something from you.

Key 5: Number of Referrals (57 Methods)– this is the number of people who enquire about your product or service after hearing about you from someone else.

Key 6: The Lifetime Value (38 Methods)– this is the amount of money a customer will spend with you over the lifetime of doing business with you before they take their business to someone else.

Key 7: Profit Margins (68 Methods)– this is the amount of money you make from each sale after deducting cost of goods and cost of delivery.

If you’re not paying attention to each of these areas, you’re leaving buckets of money on the table and making your competition stronger by letting them reap money that rightfully should be in your bank account, and not in theirs.


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