Three Streams Smokehouse, South Africa’s largest processer of salmon and trout, has navigated its growth course over the past four years by using the Sage Pastel Evolution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as its compass.

The Smokehouse is part of Three Streams Group, a vertically-integrated company that operates across the South African salmonid value chain. Its aquaculture practices are based on a deep caring for the planet and the absolute need for responsible and sustainable fish farming.

Three Streams Smokehouse realised several years ago an integrated business solution would help it grow to the next level by providing it with the timely, accurate and detailed information it needed to make the right business decisions. After surveying the market, it decided that Sage Evolution would match its needs.

Working with Sage Pastel partner Pinoak Solutions, Three Streams implemented the core Evolution financial package as well as the manufacturing, bill of materials cash manager, and business intelligence centre modules. This integrated solution gives the company the current and historical information it needs to minimise risk and maximise growth in its strategies.

“We knew that a fully integrated system could help us perfect the economic levers of the company by giving us the real-time information we need to act on any problems or deviations,” says Marius Snyman, Financial Director at Three Streams. “The system we were using was not integrated and did not give us detailed information, we were always acting reactively rather than being proactive.”

Three Streams decided to implement Pastel Evolution because it was well-priced, locally developed, and had strong local reference sites, he adds. The hands-on demonstrations also showed a more user friendly interface, says Snyman.

“We have never had this level of accurate information available, as we have now. We are now able to make decisions quicker and be more proactive,” says Snyman. “Sage has become a partner to the Three Streams Group and we look forward to the possibility of activating other applications on offer from them and building the relationship further.”