Wahl Industries has introduced Sage Evolution to its business in order to re-engineer its stock management system and processes. The solution – implemented by Sage Pastel partner Unisource – has enabled the company to streamline ordering, reduce product holding and stock wastage, improve order turnarounds, and gain access to more accurate costing information.

Wahl is the country’s largest gravity die-casting company with three diverse divisions: Regent Lighting, Wahl Aluminium and Wahl Irrigation. For years, Wahl has struggled to gain the control it desired over its stock management processes because of the complexity of its business.

Wahl Industries manufactures hundreds of standard products. In addition there are variations of each line and once-off specialised light fittings.

The company’s stock management process is further complicated by the almost 8000 different codes needed for raw materials. To streamline its business processes and ensure profitability of each item, Wahl needed a centralised system to manage stock and bill of materials while at the same time providing clear insight into the status and cost of sub-assembled and finished goods.

Says Yolanda Greyling, sales and Customer Services Manager for Wahl Industries: “We’d been running our accounts on Sage Pastel Partner so it was an obvious choice to ask Sage Pastel to demonstrate its more comprehensive Sage Evolution system to us. Sage Pastel’s ERP program could offer us everything we required within our budget.”

Prior to implementation, Unisource identified Wahl’s business processes and re-mapped them to Evolution, with the client’s participation and buy-in. The solution went live for 25 users in June 2009. At completion, Wahl was not only able to control its stock holding but also had full control of procurement, stock, manufacturing and sales processes.

“We even gave them the ability to accurately provide estimation figures on the cost of products for R&D purposes, prior to them being manufactured,” says Eddie Wentzel, a director at Unisource. At the click of a button, management at Wahl Industries now has accurate, real-time reports which provide substantial support in the decision making process.